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Bearing Witness Podcast 

In this episode we speak with Lisa Conte, head conservator at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and Alexandra Drakakis, a former curator who worked there for 13 years, to discuss the impact of the memorial and museum on the survivor community and on their own lives.

This week’s episode introduces listeners to Sopheaktra Tim and Chamroeun Lak. Both are memory workers in Cambodia, a country where most older adults experienced the violence of the Khmer Rouge. Pol pot and his regime ravished Cambodia from 1975-1979. Sopheaktra and Chamroeun discuss their efforts at remembering their fallen ancestors, the way they connect with these ancestors today, and the resilience in their country.

Beach Showers

Sarajevo was a bustling, modern European city until Serbian forces ravaged it in 1995. For four years, the Serbian military surrounded the city playing target practice with its citizens. Meet Nejra Mulaomerovic whose home stood on the front lines and learn about her love of photography, her commitment to truth-telling, and her efforts at honoring memory. Nejra currently works on a transitional justice program for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network and formerly served as an educator at Gallery 11-07-95 Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzgovinia.  

For the last hundred years, politicians, civilians, and academics have attempted to deny the Armenian Genocide. Currently, efforts exist to annihilate both a period of history and its people. In this episode, we are joined by Regina Galustyan of the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute Foundation who discusses her research about the efforts of the perpetrator at denial and her hopes for the future of her country.

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