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This Khôra features two nurses, both working in the same Florida hospital, whose various experiences in nursing highlight the importance of self-care for care workers. Nurses are essential to the health and success of the medical care system, and starting in late 2019 they found themselves on the front lines of a global pandemic. But what kind of support do nurses get to help them cope with the challenges and adverse effects of their job? How do they manage to keep calm and find balance while caring for all their patients? And how do they deal with the emotional baggage, even when they are off the clock? Dr. Stephanie Arel and cohost Jessica Daugherty ask all these questions and more in this episode, while sending out big huge "Thank You!" to nurses around the world.

Calm Sea

This Khôra features Dr. Courtney Riley, an award winning veterinarian and animal advocate, in an intimate and heartfelt conversation with her sister, Dr. Stephanie Arel and podcast producer Jessica Daugherty. Veterinarians hold a complex role in our society, simultaneously caring for animals and the people who love and rely on them for comfort, companionship, and sometimes survival. But the animal care industry is grueling and emotional, filled with daily ethical dilemmas and long hours. How do veterinarians cope while continuing to offer loving care to our best friends?

In this Khôra, we recognize teachers, especially public school and grade school educators, as caregivers. Beyond their call to educate students, teachers often act as social workers, emergency responders, parental figures, role models and mentors giving hours and hours of unpaid time outside of the classroom to facilitate a safe environment and a positive education for their students. In this conversation, Dr. Stephanie Arel and cohost Jessica Daugherty learn from one very special teacher of 35 years who has lived through school shootings, a pandemic, and still loves to do everything he can to help students succeed.

White Sand

*If you or someone you know are experiencing suicidal thoughts or dealing with suicide, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 Or visit this site for a list of resources:

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