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Through my extensive work with individuals, groups, and organizations I have mastered utilizing problem-solving, mindfulness, and critical thinking skills to ensure positive outcomes and forward movement for my students and clients. Whether working one-on-one with an individual, or with a group in a classroom navigating scripture and the role it plays in the human response to trauma, the skills and techniques I have learned through my extensive career prove to benefit those I work with. My goal is to facilitate growth through self-reflection to strengthen social and interpersonal connections. 

Most Recent Publication:

Bearing Witness: The Wounds of Mass Trauma at Memorial Museums is a poignant account of the global movement to commemorate the dead after mass trauma. The book offers an insightful look into the professional lives of those who remember, casting them as parables and models for pastoral care. Their work inspires tenderness in chaplains, ministers, and anyone who attends to individual and communal wounds left behind by trauma.


About Stephanie 

I am Dr. Stephanie Arel. I write and teach about internal obstacles that get in the way of self-growth. I believe that self-reflection, through self-examination, helps people help themselves and, in turn, help others. I am committed to providing tools and methods of caring for the self to support those engaged in caring for others. Strengthening the self leads to healthier living, better relationships, and flourishing communities.

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Welcome to My YouTube

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I crafted this station and the videos here to offer reflections, tools, and inspiration to the process of psychological, physical, and spiritual growth. I hope you find it helpful!

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